Lone Wolf Creations
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My Works can now be seen in person at Rebecca's Salon in Whitmire.
Come check it out!
Wolf will be holding a class at the Pearl of the Piedmont Art Guild center in Whitmire SC. on Oct 18, 1pm. The class will be working on wire wrap in conjunction with other media. We will be creating a Native American inspired choker which will also include raw gemstones. The Fee for this class is $30.00 per person and you must register and pay in advance, please see either Peggy or Rebecca at Rebeccas salon on Church street to sign up or for more information. All materials are included.

              Osiyo o'-go-na'-li o'-                      

                                            (Hello my friend)



My Name is Joe, Also known as


( Wolf )


Two of my greatest enjoyments, in the world of hobbies, are photography and making Native American inspired Jewelry, using natural stones, sculpted gems and wire wrap as well as Sterling Silver mounts.

This web site is to present my hobbies in a media that allows for others to enjoy it as well and I am offering them for sale(basically at cost of materials) so that I can afford to do more during mining season. Please keep in mind this is my hobby. All the gems/stones I use are natural they are not man made nor are they treated.


As some have probably noticed the tribal information has changed.  I now have the final Listings of my ancestors and it feels great to have some kind of legacy to pass onto the rest of my family. 

We are Cherokee, Cheyenne and Mohawk and Creek.

                                                                                                                                   Updated: October 5, 2014

Music by Big City Indians, Glory International, Pamyua, Plateros Forever, Wayra

' Dream Walker'

A dreamwalker is one who works with and within the dream to understand, to create, to heal, to meet with elderhearts and even to show an appreciation or feelings towards another in a manner in which they understand from a distance. To physically interact with someone from afar but through their dreams..

Any comments or suggestions I can be reached at:

From the Ground to the Mount all are created by me. I enjoy the finding, to the designing and making of the pieces immensely. It is very calming as well as satisfying to see the finished product made with my own two hands.

Below is a slide show showing some of the items you will find offered on the other pages.

If you wish to contact me please email me at: